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Oh yeah I'm being random and lazy ^^;;
too many things have to be done at work and home. Feel like my head gonna burst ^^;;
Today all day long (after work I mean) All I do is playing game while listening to . Yesterday& Today, Glider and 5 AHEAD albums as background =P
Yes, it's TOKIO's old albums, but I love them til now =)
Okay, think I write meaningless things, should stop already.
Gonna play some games again and keep listening to their songs until my mind get relax a bit ^^
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It's been raining all day long ^^;;
And the thunders are...... scary!! *shruged*

I wonder if this a pre-sign for flood like last year??
Really hope not >_<
Last year, the flood had blocked our city, almost everywhere filled with water & it took almost 1 week 'til all area went dry.

But people are too ignorant to learn from their experiences... No meaningful improvement I see in this town to prevent flood *sigh*

yeah... sad but that's the fact about my country T_T
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